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We have been in the Insulation Business for over 20 years. We started our own business - Blue Sky Energy Savers, Inc. in 2000, and are proud to say we are very committed to quality products and services. We chose to work with cellulose insulation because we truly believe that we are helping humanity and the environment we all have to live in. Recycling paper into Cellulose insulation prevents air and land pollution, and waste of our natural resources. Our business has also allowed us to start paper recycling programs that have benefited local schools, businesses and community projects.

The product we use for our installations is made from paper (cellulose) products collected in recycle bins (shown above) that are placed at schools, churches, libraries and local businesses in our immediate surrounding communities. The bin locations are compensated for their participation, therefore the community programs are served.

The collected paper is then put through processes in an area plant that creates our wonderful fuzz. This process includes the addition of Borate to the shredded and fiberized cellulose product. Borate is the only chemical added to our product. Borate adds the benefits of “fire resistant”, “mold and mildew resistant” and “pest resistant” features to our product.


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